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Ryan Mcmillan Camel Trek Guide in Arkaroola

Flinders and Beyond Camel Treks are a family owned and operated business based at Blinman in the North Flinders Ranges, South Australia and offer a unique outback experience trekking through the Flinders Ranges and the Australian outback with camels.

Ryan McMillan has been living in and exploring the Flinders Ranges and outback since 2001. After working in the Outback at Innamincka and Murnpeowie Station, Ryan began working at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in the Northern Flinders Ranges as a tour guide at Arkaroola. Ryan conducted the world famous four wheel drive Ridge Top Tour and astronomical observatory tours. Working at Arkaroola, Ryan focused on researching the unique geology, flora, fauna and social history of the Flinders Ranges.

Ryan began working with camels in 2003 with Rex Ellis, the first cameleer to take camel trekking tours through the Australian outback using pack saddles. Ryan travelled with Rex throughout the Flinders Ranges, Strezlecki Desert, Great Victoria Desert, Sturt Stoney Desert, Tirari Desert, and along the Great Australian Bite. Ryan also worked with Andrew Harper trekking through the Simpson Desert with Australian Desert Expeditions.

Ryan briefly left the Flinders Ranges to work in Cairns, Queensland for 18 months. Ryan extended his knowledge of native Australian animals working at Hartleys Creek Crocodile Farm as head reptile keeper, presenting daily snake shows with Australia's most venomous snakes. Ryan's love of camels and the Flinders Ranges drew him back to Arkaroola returning as a tour guide. Ryan began to build up his family of camels providing rides and treks at Arkaroola. Ryan joined with PIRSA on a rock and mineral collecting expedition.

Natalie studied zoology at Aberdeen University, and following graduation, moved to Spain to work at Terra Natura zoological park in 2007. This is where her love of camels began, taking care of four dromedary's in the park along with rhinos, tigers and jaguars among many others. Natalie moved to Australia in 2008 and worked with platypus in New South Wales before moving to South Australia. Here, Natalie researched southern brown bandicoots and antechinus in Adelaide Hills. Natalie moved to Arkaroola and met Ryan, where the mutual camel interest brought them together.
Ryan and Natalie married at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in 2011 and moved to Blinman in 2013 to concentrate on running the family operated Flinders and Beyond Camel Treks. By having Ryan and Natalie running each trek ensures all trekkers are provided with experts in the field.


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