Flinders and Beyond Camel Treks

Getting Involved in the Bio Survey

Metal Trap to survey animals in the Flinders

Flinders and Beyond Camel Treks are carrying out a biological survey of Arkaroola, with a difference. Four survey sights have been selected, each having a different rock type, vegetation, small mammal, reptile and insect populations. Each of the sites are unique in that they have never been surveyed before, therefore every visit provides new insights into the biological world of these remote environments.

Flinders and Beyond Camel Treks will be taking a small number of people along on each camel trek bio survey. This will involve trekking to one of the four survey sights, staying at the site for three nights and then trekking back to Arkaroola.

Netting to catch animals for the survey in the Flinders Ranges

During our stay at these sites we will set small mammal traps and open up pit fall buckets which will be inspected 3 times per day. The pitfalls provide a better opportunity to catch a large variety of small mammal, reptile and invertebrate species.

All animals caught in traps are identified, recorded, weighed, measured and then released. The afternoons will be spent exploring the area with the camels, investigating hidden gorges, shady caves and winding creeks, before returning to the base camp and relaxing around the camp fire while dinner is being prepared.

Lizard on a rock

The survey sights are Mount Jacob and Mount Warren-Hastings both four day, five night treks, Bararrana Gorge a six day five night trek, and Arkaroola Springs eight day seven night trek. The survey site becomes the base camp for three days where guests are invited to assist in unlocking the secrets of Arkaroola.

Camel Treks will be operating throughout 2012 and will vary in length from 1-14 nights. These camel treks will involve trekking every day during the trek to explore the Northern Flinders Ranges. Camel trek dates will be available from January 2012.

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